Caricatured [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Caricatured:

In short, the usual gaudy splendour of the heraldic attire was caricatured and overdone.

But he was sorry that any one should start life with such a creed—all the more sorry because the creed caricatured his own.

He thinks that Protagoras, not Prodikus nor Antisthenes, is the person principally caricatured (pp. 32-34-38).

Further, Lismahago is a bolder and a much less caricatured utilising of the "national" resource than Morgan.

His Cabinet, though not the contemptible body caricatured by the malice of Pollard, was not equal to the occasion.

The story of "La Sonnambula" is, in fact, followed closely, but caricatured throughout.

The function of religion is then caricatured rather than realized.

There have been theories of the Bible that are scarcely caricatured by this tale.

With the production of these plays Wilde became not only a caricatured celebrity but a popular success.

In three years he had won the recognition of Punch, which, thenceforward, caricatured him several times a month.