Carillon [noun]

Definition of Carillon:

set of bells

Synonyms of Carillon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carillon:


Sentence/Example of Carillon:

This is Bruges sleeping peacefully in old age, lulled to rest by the sound of its own carillon.

The carillon rung from the Belfry, guns were fired, and a ceremony in honour of the event took place in the Htel de Ville.

There we took coach, as the locks at Carillon are not yet large enough for full-sized steamers to pass.

Where of old, confused and lonely, le carillon noir of pain sounded, now all the strings of the heart vibrate and sing.

They had letters of introduction to a gentleman near Carillon on the Ottawa, and others to a family at Toronto.

I told you that the first stroke of the bell on the Tower of the Lion began the carillon for European civil and religious liberty.

The great clock strikes eleven; every quarter of an hour four bells ring a carillon.

Meanwhile Montcalm remained at Carillon, holding the position so as effectively to prevent any return of the English.

An epistolary duel was carried on from Montreal and Carillon veiled in the language of courtesy, but none the less bitter.

Our strength and our hopes sunk together, nay, even those of reaching Carillon were doubtful, but we must proceed or perish.