Carmine [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Carmine:

He died from the effects of the poison as is indicated by the slight carmine tinge to the blood.

That touch of deep carmine right here in the center of my lips was quite an idea.

It is of carmine silk damask with gold thread, and the inner vest is of white lawn.

A reason for this act is to be seen when we introduce a little finely powdered carmine into the water near the head of the fish.

You tackled Carmine because he was in the way and you ran into him and put your arms around him to keep from falling on your nose.

When she brought in the week's washing, her smile was a dazzling flash of milky teeth and lips touched with Spanish carmine.

Colors: portrait black, surrounding ornamental and scroll work, carmine.

The color is however a vermilion and not the brick-red, pink or carmine of the originals.

In that year Poe lived within a few steps of the burial-ground in a modest wooden house that was numbered 113 Carmine Street.

Consequently, Mrs. Hewston wasted no time in getting to Hepworth and Carmine's as early as possible the next morning.