Carnage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Carnage:

Only in the carnage of the head, the tilt of the chin, was the insolence expressed that had made her many enemies.

On either side the carnage had been terrible, and the pathways of the village were literally choked with the dead.

The sight of the awful carnage affected even the warworn Marshal, and made him exclaim, "What a massacre!"

The carnage was awful, and the charging columns halted, staggered, and then began to reel back.

But even in that moment he asked himself for the first time since the commencement of that carnage—to what purpose?

Even as Lamb stared at the carnage, a third figure appeared, wobbling drunkenly from an inner office.

He swallowed hard, and there was a mist before his eyes—eyes that had looked unmoved on many a scene of carnage.

This old man is so grieved by this awful carnage and slaughter that he even forgets his obligations to his children of many lands.

The tiger, on the contrary, though glutted with carnage, has still an insatiate thirst for blood; his rancour has no intervals.

Deep the maledictions heaped upon the drunken Magruder for the carnage at Malvern Hill.