Caromed [verb]

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Finally, once I made a great fluke—a carom, followed by most of the balls falling into the pockets.

He learned to play French carom and pyramid pool,—every thing in fact.

The pig now lay still, and satisfied that he had killed it, he tried to repeat the carom, but failed.

The three-ball carom game is the recognized form of American billiards.

If he does so after making a carom the carom does not count, he forfeits one, and his break is ended.

If a carom be made, and the ball afterwards jumps off the table, it is spotted and the count allowed.

We came near making a carom sometimes, but not the one we were trying to make.

To make a carom, the player must cause his own ball to strike two or more balls in the same shot.

In fact, the hazard feature of the American game is rapidly falling into disuse, the four ball carom game taking its place.

If the ball be pocketed after having made a carom or winning hazard, the player cannot score the count he may have made.