Carousal [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Carousal:

These, as we afterwards learned, were used by the chiefs as places of carousal, and as a sort of harem for their women.

It is the 2d of April, four years lacking two weeks since the drunken carousal over the passage of the ordinance of Secession.

Two years of wandering, fighting, and carousal ensued before the remnant of the crew returned to Oregon.

The following day Glendon returned home in a repentant mood, as was usual after a protracted carousal.

Some were determined not to submit, and passed the night in carousal, while those soberly inclined tried in vain to sleep.

It takes several weeks to prepare these liquors, but by the generous aid of friends the stock is often consumed at one carousal.

The camp was late astir, for Sunday was Beetle Ring's day—not of rest, but of carousal.

But I have not yet mentioned all that contributes to the pleasures of an Eastern carousal.

At length Alexander died suddenly, after a night of drinking and carousal at Babylon.

It may have been a demon's carousal over the sad plight of the poor, foolish young baronet.