Carousing [verb]

Definition of Carousing:

make merry, often with liquor

Synonyms of Carousing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carousing:

Sentence/Example of Carousing:

If the men were carousing the watch kept would be less strict, and there might be some chance of obtaining a boat.

The Hague gives me the impression of being one huge gallery of more or less immoral fat men and women carousing.

The yells of carousing miners down at Slavin's told us that nothing could be done with them that night.

When two kings are carousing, they have a stand for the turned-down cups; the Kuan had a turned-down cup-stand, too!

With open arms the clubs welcomed the poet to their festivities; each man proud to think that he was carousing with Robbie Burns.

Then they reached that of the German troops, and here gay carousing was going on under many a tent.

In Calcutta and all over Bengal the night is remarkable for illumination, fireworks, feasting, carousing and gambling.

Station them without the door of the room wherein those three wicked men are now carousing.

There'll be a crowd of men hanging round and fiddling and carousing half the night.

To the same effect, Rapin writes: ‘All historians unanimously agree, he spent whole days and nights in feasting and carousing.’