Carpeted [adjective]

Definition of Carpeted:

plentifully bestrewn

Synonyms of Carpeted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carpeted:

Sentence/Example of Carpeted:

While he was gone, MacRae and I leaned over in our saddles and scanned closely the grass-carpeted bottom-land.

The dining room, even in the heat of summer, should be carpeted, to deaden the noise of the servants' feet.

But we passed up it and stopped, for on the carpeted mattresses before the throne lay Craney, all alone.

The meeting was in the parlor,—a square room, carpeted, furnished with a sofa and centre-table.

The horses were soon unsaddled, and began to graze on the thick grass which carpeted the ground.

The woods are closely carpeted with them, and every step you take brings out their fœtid odour.

The house overflowed with people and poured floods of light from its windows, the entrance was carpeted and strewn with flowers.

The cabin was roomy, well carpeted, and contained a stationary table through the center of which ran the mainmast of the schooner.

A man standing upon a carpeted platform was vehemently holding forth upon the virtues of his wares.

Tarling put his light into the hall and saw the carpeted stairs half-a-dozen feet away.