Carport [noun]

Definition of Carport:

storage building for vehicles, workplace

Synonyms of Carport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carport:


Sentence/Example of Carport:

And is Commission Exhibit 446 a view of a portion of the carport area of the Randle home?

And the kitchen portion of the Randle home facing on the carport?

That is an accurate picture showing the door opening to the carport; yes.

Yes, sir; the entrance to the garage there, more or less carport; yes, the entrance is from Westbrook.

I say when we come in there we have a double carport more or less type of garage.

You see, always I keep my car parked outside the carport there, on the other side.

I saw him as he crossed the street and come across my driveway to where Wesley had his car parked by the carport.

The dome is strong enough to support the Amlong automobile, which is parked above it in a recently constructed carport.

He was to be in the carport and they were 20 or 25 feet back in the building.

The driveway approaches the house from the southwest where the view first is of the carport and the 1957 addition.