Carrel [noun]

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Well, one becomes a minister, Carrel remained a journalist; the incomplete but craftier man is living; Carrel is dead.

Carrel fought a duel with M. de Girardin, and died forty-eight hours later as the result of the wounds he received.

The loss of Carrel was deeply felt, and his funeral was attended by multitudes of the Parisians.

It was at this time that he had his sad and fatal quarrel with Armand Carrel—a brother editor.

Young Maquignaz turned sharply to him and exclaimed: Carrel nest pas tomb!

Bennen gives an approving nod: he looks with indulgent pity on Carrel, but snubs all remarks of his as to the route.

Carrel takes his axe, and mounts warily, but with good courage; presently he returns, shaking his head.

I thought of summoning Carrel, and pursuing them; but the worthy man sat quietly, and seemed to have had enough of it.

Tenez fortement, Carrel, tenez, is constantly impressed on the man who brings up the rear.

But Carrel was looking at her fixedly, a smile playing on his lips as he pulled his tiny moustache with his jewelled hand.