Carriers [noun]

Definition of Carriers:

one who carries or transmits something

Synonyms of Carriers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Carriers:

Sentence/Example of Carriers:

Let my litter be prepared, and send men on horseback to provide relays of carriers every ten miles.

Such is the story of a pioneer enterprise, that of the use of submarine vessels as commerce carriers.

Three passenger carriers of the Northpolar Short Line reported crashed.

May your water-carriers come here to-day, all the Maruts who stir up the rain.

An increased number of carriers means an increase of oxygen to the body.

These red corpuscles are the carriers of oxygen from the air to the various parts of the body.

Park, the explorer, refers in his Travels to his carriers spitting on a flat stone to ensure a good journey.

Besides being unpleasant they are believed to be disease carriers and as such should be exterminated.

In the small town there were no carriers, and the short trip to the post-office was deemed a pleasure by most.

Here it was picked up by one of the water-carriers belonging to the palace, who showed it to the king.