Carryall [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Carryall:

Neither of the children spoke until the carryall turned into the home lane.

When the carryall arrived at the Stanhope place they found the cottage well lit up.

Lady Leroy's carryall, with Cherrie Nettleby's elder brother for driver, was waiting at the door.

I got to thinkin' maybe you'd want the carryall, and I didn't know but what I'd better go and hitch up, anyway.

The carryall rattled down the pebble road to the left of the lawn and stopped at the garden gate.

The carryall was pitching from one hummock to another, and Horace Greeley stumbled once or twice.

It was a risky proceeding, but she reached the front seat somehow, and the carryall still remained right-side-up.

Seems as if the child was possessed to get out in that dusty place and perch herself in the old carryall.

Fel and I danced upon our feet, and started to run to the carryall, but of course I tumbled down before I got there.

The voice of the caller rose over the larkspur to the carryall.