Cars [noun]

Definition of Cars:

vehicle driven on streets

Synonyms of Cars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cars:


Sentence/Example of Cars:

It was only the engine drawing the train of cars up to the station to take the passengers away.

The other day an excursion was arranged to Sondershausen, a town about three hours' ride from Weimar in the cars.

A newsboy boarded the train and passed hurriedly through the cars with the morning papers.

These cars run along on tracks through streets in which round stones are set in, side by side.

An amusing incident occurred in the cars of the Virginia and Tennessee road, which must be preserved in print.

If you are to pass the night in the cars, carry a warm woolen or silk hood, that you may take off your bonnet at night.

Tram cars often ran along the middle of the street, with barely room for a vehicle to pass on either side.

When she went to go into her stable, Mace slowed her down till the street cars was gone by.

As a center for tourists, Inverness is increasingly popular and motor cars are very common.

Tram cars were numerous and children played everywherePg 140 with utter unconcern for the vehicles which crowded the streets.