Carte [noun]

Definition of Carte:

list from which to choose, often to choose food

Synonyms of Carte:

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Sentence/Example of Carte:

Part of that idea was sham bric-à-brac, the rest was carte blanche to Messrs. Spick and Span.

He designed it entirely himself; he had not to compete for the building of it, but had carte blanche in regard to every detail.

I have carte blanche, and say what I like; but does any single soul understand me?

"Poste-carte, Cismus cards, nice," he continues with unabated zeal as if we had not spoken at all.

At all events, she gave me carte blanche to publish the results of my observations.

If you doubt my word I give you carte blanche to ask my aunt, Mrs. Egerton, or even Mr. Templeton himself.

Others, while not advertising meals, serve a table d'hte or a very limited la carte.

The Emperor persistently refused, but wrote giving the minister "carte blanche" to take any measure which would save the capital.

He arrived to find Caulaincourt departing; the second "carte blanche" had arrived too late.

He called for a carte and ordered porridge and a sole, and they were some time in bringing his breakfast.