Cartilages [noun]

Definition of Cartilages:

piece of animate skeleton

Synonyms of Cartilages:

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Sentence/Example of Cartilages:

If inclined to be vicious, the bulls should have rings thrust through the cartilage of their nose when young.

Bone would prove too unyielding, but cartilage, or gristle, meets the case exactly.

Shows the thyroid cartilage above and the cricoid below both viewed from the side.

It is situated below the thyroid cartilage, with which it is connected by a membrane, the crico-thyroid.

It was a bone, as large as a finger, passed through the cartilage.

Their teeth appeared to have been filed, and the cartilage of the nose pierced.

In man one sometimes finds a trace of it in the form of a slender prismatic cartilage.

One man came by with three earrings in the upper cartilage of each ear, one above the other.

Cut off the cartilage at the top of the steak, otherwise the steak may curl up.

But there is no ingenuity which can simulate that soft cartilage on the end of the breast bone.