Cartography [noun]

Definition of Cartography:

the earth's features; study of land

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Sentence/Example of Cartography:

Cassini was right in saying that cartography was no longer at its height as a science.

The bringing forward of the Cantino map confirms much of the supposed cartography.

We come now to two significant maps in the early history of American cartography.

It is to the work of Allefonsce that we probably owe another confusion of this northern cartography in the sixteenth century.

Hence mathematical geography (see Map), including cartography as a practical application, comes first.

The science of geodesy is part of mathematical geography, of which the arts of surveying and cartography are applications.

But it is quite easy to account for the superior cartography of the two gulfs and Kangaroo Island.

In this position he was for twenty-one years engaged upon the cartography of the great Russian empire.

While this Cook cartography fixed Bering's place of landing too far east, the Russians committed the opposite error.

Later the cartography of this region became considerably confused.