Cartoons [noun]

Definition of Cartoons:

funny drawing, often with dialogue or caption

Synonyms of Cartoons:

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Sentence/Example of Cartoons:

The term gerrymandering comes from an 1812 political cartoon that rendered it in essentially aesthetic terms.

In the legendary Fox cartoon’s first season in 1989, the average episode was exactly 23 minutes long.

When it comes to fitting in, Mikko was proud to be on 17th Street, and proud to show off his new outdoor dining tables, again with the Nordic colors and depictions of classic Finnish cartoon characters.

In the meantime, you could, like County Supervisor Jim Desmond, just shoot cartoon versions of the virus with your gun.

When I was in elementary school, there were only three channels — and lots of cartoons.

As to technique, Schwind was a child of the cartoon era; as regards tenderness of feeling, he is a modern.

Moreover, Gros did not content himself with the scanty palette and the miserable cartoon-draughtsmanship of his contemporaries.

The exceptions are in the books printed explanations, not in any cartoon.

It is therefore highly significant that Mr. Raemaekers has in this cartoon conceived the devil primarily as a kind of ogre.

The cartoon in which the Prussian is depicted as saying to his bound and gagged victim, "Ain't I a lovable fellow?"