Cartouche [noun]

Definition of Cartouche:

cylindrical object

Synonyms of Cartouche:

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Sentence/Example of Cartouche:

Among later victims was the famous Cartouche, of whom Thackeray wrote so entertainingly.

So when the keeper made young Dumas a present of Pyramus, he thought he had better bestow Cartouche on him as well.

It was lying with his cartouche-box right away by the stunted oak, as he mentally called the cork-tree.

Then, as he saw Punch busily taking possession of musket and cartouche-belt, he followed his example.

The only new hieroglyph is the pylon, rendered An in the cartouche.

Under the mats in the mosques some blocks of granite of old Egyptian work may be seen, and I noticed the cartouche of Necho twice.

The hieroglyphs following the cartouche mean, “Beloved of Haremakhu,” etc., and have already been explained.

The position of the cartouche of Apepi suggests that it may be due to one of those usurpations which we have mentioned.

In every age there have been bands of dangerous creatures, led by such men as Cartouche and Vidocq and Rocambole.

I would give anything to have known Vidocq and Cartouche and Rocambole, and to have seen them at close quarters.