Cartridge [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cartridge:

I predict that, in one month from the date of this letter, there will not be an Austrian or Prussian cartridge found in France.

Roly felt justified in using another cartridge at once to put her out of suffering.

A bit of dirt had found its way in somewhere, and he had to shake the gun violently before the cartridge would move.

David supplied another cartridge, and at the second shot Roly brought down the game.

While speaking Lieutenant Overton was fastening on his own recovered revolver and cartridge box.

The pair of Mexicans were laid side by side, after which the soldiers sprang to get their cartridge belts and rifles.

"Now, the cartridge-box and revolver holster, Sergeant," insisted Captain Foster.

With his foot on the Winchester, Hale felt in the old man's pockets and fished out an empty cartridge shell.

A second rush produced a cartridge-box, which Graceful slung around his body and which became him marvelously.

The last cartridge had been fired and the bowmen, while improving all the time, were far from expert.