Carved [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Carved:

Bitterness, frustration, and despair may be present, but they have no place in the hallowed space of contemplation that BTS has carved out for themselves.

Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fintechs to carve out their own space.

That’s a tingly, relaxing feeling some people get when listening to the sound of, say, a bar of soap being carved or typing on a keyboard.

A pair of right-handed pitchers had their names carved into the record books Wednesday night when Shane Bieber and Trevor Bauer won the Cy Young awards in their respective leagues.

Years later, as an adult burnt out by the austerity measures carving through the press, McCann sensed an opportunity to return to his roots.

When people build roads or other structures in a forest, it can carve animal habitats into fragments.

Spoon the bread mixture onto plates, carve the duck and serve warm, with extra glaze, if you like.

Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes and test the temperature again, before carving.

Rather than chop foodstuffs, though, Leff carves detailed vignettes from single pieces of paper.

Incarcerated people were included in the 2008 stimulus payments, and the CARES Act didn’t carve them out, so initially the IRS issued their checks.