Carves [verb]

Definition of Carves:

cut carefully with sharp instrument

Synonyms of Carves:

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Sentence/Example of Carves:

Operating successfully in a competitive market, the website operators discovered tremendous growth opportunities for the business if a larger market share could be carved out.

India, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, and Indonesia are all deciding whether to try to carve out their own digital agendas or to act more as fence-sitters, playing China, the US, and the EU against one another.

Rivers can only carve out valleys if the water is running downhill.

The Tchambuli tended to put men in the role of artists who spent their days carving wooden masks and dancing, while the women fished and prepared food.

Such attempts to use information flows, in theory or practice, to carve nature at its joints are “the beginning of sketching out ideas and concepts that could be potentially foundational for new areas of biology,” Hoyal Cuthill said.

For their project, Babaee and his team carved a pattern of cuts into a thin, stainless steel sheet.

So, like many British prime ministers, I was always sort of battling to stay in the bits that we liked but to try and carve us out a special place.

You could carve him to pieces without hearing a cheep, if he decided to keep his mouth shut.

A pair of carvers, laid with my cover, tell me that I shall have to carve the ham which is here eaten with the chicken.

Houdon then returned to France and proceeded to carve a Carrara marble statue of his subject.