Carving [verb]

Definition of Carving:

cut carefully with sharp instrument

Synonyms of Carving:

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Sentence/Example of Carving:

The windows are ornamented by tracery, and the façade is enriched by a free use of carving.

The whole of the carving and sculptured work has been executed by Mr. John Roddis.

It is a fine marble, much too hard to admit of minute carving, but taking a high polish.

He has his particular likings and tit-bits, and is very expert in carving out the parts of an animal that please him best.

On the upper part of each of these posts was a rude carving of a hideous human face with prominent teeth.

Above the altar before which the priest knelt was an immense carving in imitation of an uprooted tree.

All the details of scroll carving by Stradivari at this period are marvels of mechanical dexterity of handling.

Once he laid his finger lightly on a protruding point of the carving, and then scrutinised his finger through the glass.

He was waiting to take him to the graves, and the play-house near them, and he was watching the child as she examined the carving.

Certainly they have “injured this stone” by carving upon it the Governmental “broad arrow.”