Cases [noun]

Definition of Cases:

container; items in container

Synonyms of Cases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cases:


Sentence/Example of Cases:

In this way bundles of the plants are easily made, and in most cases these can be readily carried about.

That the inconstancy of such notices, in cases equally important, proves they did not proceed from any such agent.

All elements of expression modify each other, so that no mere rule can cover all cases.

Fern cases were very much in vogue some years ago, and this is really a very delightful way of cultivating the plants.

In pneumonia chlorids are constantly very low, and in some cases are absent entirely.

It secures in many cases, at least, a ready compliance with a large part of the discipline enforced.

In both cases the decision was made at a feast, and in favour of the one who “loved much.”

In cases in which no attempt is made to ignore the accusation, the small wits are wont to be busy discovering exculpations.

Nothing doubtful or "reputed" ever arrived in the huge packing-cases consigned to Walls End Castle.

The sputum of more advanced cases resembles that of chronic bronchitis, with the addition of tubercle bacilli and elastic fibers.