Cashiers [noun]

Definition of Cashiers:

bank worker

Synonyms of Cashiers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cashiers:


Sentence/Example of Cashiers:

Suppose your package is stolen by the cashier or paying teller, is the bank responsible?

Duncombe indeed had his own reasons for hating Montague, who had turned him out of the place of Cashier of the Excise.

He had in his hands, as cashier, more than double that sum in good milled silver.

Save the cashier at her boxed-in desk and money drawer, she was the only woman in that room full of officers.

He was regarding, speculatively, the back of young Ovid Nixon, the assistant cashier.

To be assistant cashier of the Coldriver Savings Bank was to have achieved both social and business success.

I had to wait all day until I could get near a bank, and then the cashier said one hundred and fifty dollars was all we needed.

Exactly fifteen minutes later I had bearded the cashier himself, catching him at the door as he was returning from his meal.

A beautiful woman, very plump, abruptly left the cashier's desk and flung herself on my breast.

The miner and the cashier now took to their heels and were soon out of sight.