Cashmere [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cashmere:

Here, you,” he growled, “was aught said to thee whereby thou hast a scruple to tell me how many guns defend the Cashmere Gate?

The tissues woven in gold, the gold and silk embroideries and Cashmere shawls, are of the highest degree of perfection.

It was tied up in a cashmere shawl, which her maid recognized as belonging to the lost actress.

In the first place, the painter had removed the two pictures; and then Madame Guillaume had lost her cashmere shawl.

Madame Lebas had a cashmere shawl over her shoulders, of which the value bore witness to her husband's generosity to her.

The Cashmere was visible at anchor in roads, as she did not start till midday; there was as yet no sign of moving aboard.

The Cashmere, little moved by the wind, had set her topsail and studding-sails to catch the breeze.

The wind from the sea was scarcely felt in the roads; but the form of the Cashmere was rapidly growing less.

Leaving the promontory of the Bû de la Rue behind, the Cashmere glided on upon the waters.

He could see the Cashmere run out her lower studding-sails and her staysails, to take advantage of the rising wind.