Casino [noun]

Definition of Casino:

gambling establishment

Synonyms of Casino:

Opposite/Antonyms of Casino:


Sentence/Example of Casino:

He had got his ticket of admission to the Casino, after arriving yesterday evening; but the Rooms had not pleased him then.

But, without telling me what she meant to do, mother took it all to the Casino—and—it followed the rest.

He turned the car, and passing the Casino drove up the hill, taking the direction of Mentone, when he had reached the top.

She had just begun to think that she had better try the Casino, when down the steps from the upper terrace came three figures.

We found our places in the Casino just as the curtain was going up, and I saw “Patience” for the first time.

Just how it came about that we took the Hotel-Casino Bellevue for granted it would be difficult to say, but we did.

He shouldered the small portmanteau, and stepped briskly and lightly up the flight of steps that leads to the Place du Casino.

So Nancy went through the little garden again with hesitant feet, and turned her face to the Casino.

Nancy and the child sat on a bench facing the Casino, and Aldo went in to get the viatique.

She was telling Mrs. Van Ralten and several others, including myself—let me see, was it last night at the Casino?