Casket [noun]

Definition of Casket:

burial box

Synonyms of Casket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Casket:


Sentence/Example of Casket:

Next from the large casket Mrs. Sin took another smaller casket and a very long, tapering silver bodkin.

When Big Sid looked at you that way, a guy felt he was being measured for a casket.

She surprised him at the moment when he was forcing open a casket, and struck him a blow with her riding whip.

We shall starve to death—like Croton water-bugs caught in a diamond casket, said Flick, who had a taste for poetical flights.

In that box will be found the bars of silver and a casket containing the eight hundred and sixty gold pieces.

Despairing of broaching the subject in any other way, she took the casket from under her shawl, and laid it upon the dress.

A casket fair, whose closely covered lid A mother's hope, a nation's promise, hid.

With the dear Dominie's note promising to be an usher came an antique silver casket filled with white heather.

Other fungi were of dazzling whiteness, which Lejoillie likened to a casket of pearls, supported by an azure stalk.

Hide them, as a string of precious pearls, within the casket of your hearts.