Casserole [noun]

Definition of Casserole:

dish consisting of a combination of cooked food

Synonyms of Casserole:

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Sentence/Example of Casserole:

When it came, it was a sort of egg-and-fish casserole which Bart found extremely tasty, and he dug into it with pleasure.

Then simmer it a long, long time in a deep covered dish; a casserole, or a crock, or some such thing.

In preparing chicken en casserole, first clean, dress, and cut it up in the manner directed for stewed chicken.

Line a casserole or a baking dish with a thick layer of fresh steamed or boiled rice.

Cover the casserole dish, place it in a moderate oven, and cook slowly until the chicken is tender.

The owner was shaking a casserole over a fire, and the dog was sniffing as near as he dared.

Either the dog was very hungry or there was something particularly tempting in the casserole.

All the above may be cooked in the fireless cooker or in casserole dishes.

Into a greased baking dish or casserole place a layer of tomatoes, add half the cucumber and onion slices and half of the crumbs.

Put in casserole, pour on one-half cup stock and one-fourth cup best sherry or water and bake twenty minutes.