Cassette [noun]

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Monsieur Cassette had not sold another such cane during the last two years.

The theft of the cassette, however, was a transaction which his enemies never suffered to be forgotten.

The cassette of St. Joseph, wherein were deposited the oboli for the poor, had long been emptied.

II rencontra la Relique prs de Sens; elle toit enferme dans une triple cassette.

It had supplied each of them with a small box, cassette, containing a few articles of clothing.

From this circumstance, and to distinguish them from those who had preceded them, they were called girls de la cassette.

The Fille à la Cassette replied with a sudden turn of her masked face and a murmur of surprise and protest against this impiety.

As they did so, they saw the Fille à la Cassette join in this over-shoulder conversation.

A moment later, they saw the old gentleman protector and the Fille à la Cassette rising to the dance.

No beaux yeux, whether of the cassette or of one's first love, ever subjugate a man so completely as the fascinations of play.