Cassock [noun]

Definition of Cassock:


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Sentence/Example of Cassock:

He wore a gray hermit's cloak, and beneath that a rude, dirty cassock, girt With a cord.

So saying, he seized the scrivener by the collar, and shook him so vehemently, that he tore it from the cassock.

Beneath his cassock one caught sight of elaborate slippers, and he wore a large and magnificent emerald ring.

The abb, by chance or instinct, slipped his hand within his cassock, and drew out the letter which he had just received.

Heres a seal-ring, and I have sent for a guarded gown and a damask cassock.

He must throw off his cassock, and turn away from the sacred aisles; he must—he could not say the word; he would wait a little.

Nanna also sent Frigga a linen cassock and other gifts, and to Fulla a gold finger-ring.

Vain glory lurks under the priest's cassock as well as the soldier's helmet.

One of them tucked his unbuttoned cassock round his neck, and egged the other two on.

Then he insisted upon getting to his feet, a gaunt and terrible figure in his rusty cassock.