Castes [noun]

Definition of Castes:

social class

Synonyms of Castes:

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Sentence/Example of Castes:

Her very presence on a sabha stage — an elite space historically dominated by upper-caste Brahmins — is a “political act,” Pillai tells me.

“They don’t bring up caste, but they can easily identify us,” Kaila says, rattling off all of the ways he can be outed as potentially being Dalit, including the fact that he has darker skin.

Right now, the truth is that we are living in precarious times – we always have been, to one degree or another, depending on where you are in the disparity that is this American caste system.

Intersections of gender, class, age and caste play a significant role in pushing women into exploitative situations.

My wife and I learnt a great deal about race, caste, and social boundaries.

Yet how came it that even a low-caste mongrel of a Lascar should offer such an overt insult to a Brahmin!

Caste is a thing you should be very careful of in these days, so the best thing is to ask for the Bear-Garden straightaway.

Until a few years ago the quarter known as the, Parian was the flourishing centre of the half-caste traders.

Several American officers were present on the occasion, accompanied by a Spanish half-caste who acted as their interpreter.

The labour of the spade and of the loom, and the petty gains of trade, he contemptuously abandoned to men of a lower caste.