Castigates [verb]

Definition of Castigates:

criticize severely

Synonyms of Castigates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Castigates:

Sentence/Example of Castigates:

Jack Ma’s absence from public eye sparks Twitter discussionsMa last appeared publicly at a conference where he castigated China’s financial regulatory system in front of a room of high-ranking officials.

Judge Walker seemed to agree, castigating the state throughout his decision.

Because, like Eliot Spitzer, if Falwell had not been outed, you can bet he’d be castigating people publicly for that which he enjoyed privately.

No, she wouldn't castigate old Major Roper for tattling, and at the same time cross-examine him for her own purposes.

A few passages will suffice to show that Germany is not quite devoid of straight-forward men, who dare to castigate hate.

Except for Forster and other pupils of Oughtred who urged him on to castigate Delamain, the controversy might never have arisen.

It is a new road to happiness, if you have strength enough to castigate a little the various impulses that sway you in turn.

The company, or companies, of soldiers will be first detailed for the arduous duties of the field to castigate the Indians.

If only I were not a woman, I might castigate you as you deserve!

I am the Judge who wishes to castigate this system by making use of its own defects, to make war on it by flattering it.