Castrates [verb]

Definition of Castrates:

remove sexual organs

Synonyms of Castrates:

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Sentence/Example of Castrates:

Hence it was not uncommon in Italy to castrate boys in order to fit them for soprano singers when adults.

I wish the British would catch and castrate every one of them, so that they may be old women in reality.

We sent them happy thoughts in dreams, inspired them to tame the horse, to castrate the bull, to teach the dog to guard the sheep.

They will not castrate cattle even through their servants, but sell the young bulls and buy oxen.

The Holodias will not rear male calves at their houses, and do not castrate their bulls.

He hired the police to castrate the stranger, which was done in the jail.

But take a sheep flock now—the bellwether is jest a nice gentle old castrate thet'll do jest whut the sheepherder wants.

It will be easiest to castrate the kids be89tween the age of two and four weeks.

The Holodia section of the Tellis will not rear male calves, and do not castrate their bulls.