Catabolism [noun]

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The processes concerned in metabolism are chiefly those of building up, “anabolism,” and breaking down, “catabolism.”

In catabolism, the worn particles from the cells, and the dead cells no longer useful are broken up and thrown out of the body.

The essence of inflammation would appear to be destructive dis-assimilation with intense catabolism.

Similar considerations as to the formation and breaking up of the molecules in anabolism and catabolism apply to polymerization.

Consider, on the other hand, a centre of catabolism, where the molecules are being broken up into fragments or smaller groups.

He thinks of the world as an animal organism subject to what are now called anabolism and catabolism.

We have seen that a centre of catabolism is a hypertonic focus of diffusion.

Every centre of catabolism is therefore a positive pole of diffusion.

Swelling of the spleen is caused by catabolism of the Malpighian bodies.