Cataclysm [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cataclysm:

We were innocent of the global health cataclysm that was about to transpire, one which would force many of us to reassess what we had long taken for granted.

The pandemic spawned an American existential crisis, a productivity slump, a small-business cataclysm.

They want to cut the capital gains tax, sure — but its importance pales next to the urgency of stopping the cataclysm that would engulf us all if Democrats were to hold power.

It’s Round 74 of the Post Pundit 2020 Power Ranking, and barring a meteor strike, extraterrestrial invasion or unexpected constitutional cataclysm, we made it!

It’s a landscape of cataclysm and of regrowth, where nature shows off its singular ability to recover and revive, year after year.

I see unutterable defeat, the success of the rebellion, a great catastrophe, a moral and physical cataclysm.

Back had they gone to town, and then came the cataclysm of noon.

The aftermath of the war is a spiritual cataclysm such as civilized mankind has never before known.

The legend begins with a deluge myth; a cataclysm ended a period of human existence.

Nothing short of a seismic cataclysm—an earthquake, in fact—could deter a San Francisco audience after that.