Cataclysmal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cataclysmal:

Indian legends mention a great cataclysmal outburst at an earlier period.

"I'm ———," said Sir John Gotch, meditating some cataclysmal expletive.

It is, in fact, nothing but one cataclysmal bang and shriek of shells and shrapnel.

Ten seconds later this cataclysmal lunatic had reverted to sanity—a rather sheepish sanity.

Very rarely is there a spate, an upheaval, and a cataclysmal sweep that bursts the ice and ends its reign in an hour or two.

So the worship which many render to the unexplained, the fantastic, the cataclysmal—this is the awe that is born of ignorance.

Lyall in England had shown that geological formations were evolutionary rather than cataclysmal.

Somehow I could not bring myself to think of my relation to him as involving cataclysmal changes.