Cataclysmic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cataclysmic:

It had evolved out of a cataclysmic past, but it could not meet the challenge of the harshest environment.

The sense of a cataclysmic disaster in death would pass and be replaced by a sense of the continuity of life.

Its disappearance was rapid, but not in the opinion of most geologists cataclysmic, as suggested by Mr. Howorth.

When as pagans they feel it, the expression is a cataclysmic war of conquest.

The text may be given, since the effect was so tremendous and, indeed, cataclysmic.

True it is that the life of the Palozoic terminates with the Permian, but not by a great and cataclysmic overthrow.

His thoughts came to a lurching halt when a sharp voice snarled a curse with cataclysmic violence.

Brazil seems to have come through the cataclysmic period of the war in better style than might have been expected.

It has found an intelligent outlet for forces that would otherwise be purely cataclysmic.

With almost cataclysmic suddenness, a new intellectual centre appeared on the south shore of the Mediterranean.