Catafalque [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Catafalque:

All day long and through the night a stream of people filed reverently by the catafalque.

The said alcaldes-in-ordinary and two regidors assisted the fiscal auditor as managers in the construction of that catafalque.

The body had been placed on a rich catafalque, beneath a canopy of velvet.

Then he rose, as pale as death, and walked up the steps of the catafalque.

His helmet and breast-plate are always laid upon the catafalque.

She had a great bed put up in the guest-chamber, that nearly reached to the ceiling and resembled a catafalque.

There is the whole tribe; a whole brigade is riding behind the gabled catafalque.

A catafalque was erected, and next day the celebrated service was actually performed.

Where the Lodge is held in memory of several brethren, shields bearing their names are placed around the catafalque.

The procession will again be formed, and move as before, to the sound of slow music, twice around the catafalque.