Catalogue [noun]

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Within a hundred yards I met my two friends, Varnhorst and Guiscard, and poured out my whole catalogue of wrongs at once.

This insect appears to be a Chrysolopus in M. Dejean's Catalogue.

He published a catalogue of all the works known to have been printed from the invention of the art of printing to the year 1536.

Bud set him down on the bunk, gave him a mail-order catalogue to look at, and went out again into the storm.

Is this long catalogue of proofs of such a nature as to inspire us with great confidence in the hidden views of the Divinity?

He exchanged nods and greetings with several, and then settled down to examine his catalogue and note likely items.

Miss Goodwin worked by my side, her task consisting of a careful perusal of the seed catalogue and a planting table.

No. 377 of the catalogue contains the first twelve books, and is written in the 15th century.

“Patience,” said I, turning the leaves of a catalogue of expensive marble garden furniture.

The work of M. Brisson is very useful, but in his catalogue the species are more numerous than in that of Nature.