Catalyze [verb]

Definition of Catalyze:

ready for action, movement

Synonyms of Catalyze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catalyze:

Sentence/Example of Catalyze:

The headphones themselves then emit a purple glow from integrated LED lights, which catalyze a reaction that causes the patented material to harden over the course of 60 seconds.

This is the state that is a perfect place to be to start processing very difficult, traumatic memories and really catalyzing a therapeutic process.

The promise of a new generation of low-cost, long-lasting batteries is catalyzing a long-awaited shift to electric vehicles.

We have yet to see sufficient progress to change our approach and continue to hope this collective action helps catalyze positive change and accountability.

As you build or reevaluate your inclusion strategy, here are three considerations that can catalyze sustainable, institutional change in your organization.

Cam's feverish brain had figured out a host of effects to catalyze the audience reaction.