Catamaran [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Catamaran:

I can paddle my catamaran against both wind and tide; why cannot you do the same?

They never tired, I think, of seeing me handle my giant “catamaran” and the (to them) mysterious harpoon.

We also started building a catamaran, with which to navigate the river when the floods had subsided.

She had easily forced a way for the catamaran through the branches, and once past, had drawn them together again.

Yamba cried out to me to lie flat on the catamaran, and hold on as tightly as I could until we reached smooth water again.

Fortunately we had a sufficient supply with us on the catamaran to last at least two or three days longer.

Accordingly I lay down on the catamaran, and had barely extended my limbs when I fell fast asleep.

I awoke two or three hours later, at mid-day, and was surprised to find that our catamaran was not moving.

He added that the captives had been seized after a fight with some white men, who had come to that coast in a “big catamaran.”

Here we constructed a catamaran, and were able to travel easily and luxuriously upon it, always spending the night ashore.