Catapult [noun]

Definition of Catapult:

implement for shooting weapon

Synonyms of Catapult:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catapult:


Sentence/Example of Catapult:

The Bucks tried to take a battering ram to the wall their opponents built around the basket in those two series, only to end up settling for a catapult instead.

The 522 snap-together parts in Ubtech’s Jimu Competitive Series ChampBot Kit combine to create three different configurations, including this catapult.

You might not be able to toss huge stones, but you can build a catapult to throw a marshmallow or two.

They had rigged up a rude catapult from some lumber and ropes.

Poof—crack—bang, went off another explosion; and up bounced Old Hellyer, as if a catapult had been applied below his seat.

Through they went and half-way across the bridge before they could check their monster catapult.

The throng of pirates had cleared away from the great wooden catapult, leaving two of their number to discharge it.

A stone from a catapult in the tower came whizzing and struck his head with a mournful crash.

It is easy to make spiral quartz springs resembling watch balance-springs by means of the catapult.

Half on his guard, but wholely on his itch, the jostled Parrot shot like a catapult across the floor!