Catapulted [verb]

Definition of Catapulted:

send off

Synonyms of Catapulted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catapulted:









Sentence/Example of Catapulted:

Braceway struck the arm of his chair and catapulted himself into a standing position.

In growing bewilderment, Captain Higgins ordered a plane catapulted into the air, to search the surrounding sea.

Before dawn, Captain Higgins ordered another catapulted into the sky, to search the surrounding area.

Before Nap's worried eyes, a little swish of white catapulted over the plate.

As he did so, a man catapulted down the stairs, and rushed for the gate.

With a howl of pain the officer catapulted Barney to the floor.

Dave catapulted into him head first and the two went down together.

True, Hals right went to one eye, closing it; but Hal felt the bite of knuckles catapulted from his neck.

The other man, even shorter, but slimmer, sauntered out of a bed of milkweed whither he had been catapulted.

Mr. Hosmer got the worst of it as he catapulted into the drift, while I alighted in a heap on his shoulders.