Catapulting [verb]

Definition of Catapulting:

send off

Synonyms of Catapulting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catapulting:









Sentence/Example of Catapulting:

His mind went catapulting back into the past to the time when he had been Manape.

Rachel, 83 not having used the foot-rail and not expecting any catapulting, went headlong over the old dashboard.

Long after Wingfield might be supposed to have forgotten all about the stone catapulting, he sat up suddenly and broke out again.

Not even a demon could have avoided that catapulting charge.

The least play of its purple glow on the under surface of an alien ship was sufficient to send it catapulting down.

Four priests were bowled over by the catapulting body; those human cushions were all that saved Pryak from injury.

Miss Ernestine had meanwhile been catapulting into election issues with all the fervour of a hot-gospeller.

They were catapulting down, an iron death hail, on the fleet and the city twelve miles below!