Catches [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Catches:

Such throats are trying, are they not?In case one catches cold; Ah, yes!

When certain catches were released counterbalancing weights came into action, and the curtain was run rapidly up from below.

As for poor Dolly, if he catches her and tries to convert her to his ideas, the child has nimble feet and can run.

Nothing is more revolting than a woman who catches the tone and expressions of men.

The sport became exciting at once, and David soon had half a dozen catches to his credit.

"A painted trap catches no game," says the poet, after telling Diane that she painted her face and bought her teeth and hair.

But there is no one who does not forget; and each catches himself very often saying, “I knew that, but I forgot it.”

In another Kaffir story, the Jackal runs into a hole under a tree, but the Lion catches him by the tail.

Now Sancho comes up and catches the cold trail, for a covey has certainly been in that place to-day.

The proverb should read, "It is the early bird that catches the bug," and different birds have different ways of going about it.