Catching [adjective]

Definition of Catching:

contagious (disease)

Synonyms of Catching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catching:


Sentence/Example of Catching:

And since he was too busy catching angleworms for himself to help her and her husband, she wished he would keep out of sight.

"That was a job I had mighty little stomach for," he said, catching my eye and smiling faintly.

I began to understand a little more, catching, I suppose, something of his strong thinking.

On rolled the wave of blue, catching and flinging back hundreds of the fleeing Confederates.

“No visitors allowed aboard,” replied Mr Welton sternly; catching up, nevertheless, a coil of rope.

He flung himself forward, and catching her upper arms in the grip of a vise shook her until her teeth clacked together.

The children succeeded in catching the dog and reducing him to order, although it was clear he liked very much to chase hens.

So this is what comes of bringing sick sailors home—one's own boys must be catching the infection.

And if you can possibly prevent that woman behind catching the first cab so much the better.

One could never meet him in the street, and look into his pleasant face, without catching something of his cheerfulness.