Catechize [verb]

Definition of Catechize:

instruct and question

Synonyms of Catechize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catechize:

Sentence/Example of Catechize:

If Ministers are bound to catechize; then people are bound to be catechized.

In a moment the car was again in motion, but the driver, a man of fifty or thereabouts, found time to catechize his guest.

Fletcher, however, still found means to catechize the children and to hold meetings in private.

I do not mean to allow him to catechize me unless he pays back for it in kind.

It was not a moment for me to catechize him, though I could see that he was utterly deluded.

There was service again in the afternoon, when the very reverend gentleman was wont to catechize.

Is set out to bliebe de Catechize, an Im gwine to bliebe it,so!

Ive talked with Brede, I said, and I didnt have to catechize him.

You want me to catechize the woman because you are afraid to do so.

But the worst will be to catechize us as if we were witnesses in court.