Categorization [noun]

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Roughly half of Stryker’s business can be categorized as “elective procedures,” but as those procedures continue to come back, analyst estimates project its revenues growing more than 13% in 2021.

Indigenous voters have often been overlooked by both political parties and categorized as “something else” by the media.

Review your ability to categorize data you collect, process or store.

The four other members of the Raiders’ starting offensive line and safety Johnathan Abram spent five days in quarantine after they were categorized as high-risk close contacts.

Fellow running back Jamaal Williams and linebacker Kamal Martin were placed in five-day quarantines upon being categorized as high-risk close contacts.

The league told teams in a memo Tuesday that teams and players can greatly reduce the risks of players being categorized as high-risk close contacts by following protocols related to mask-wearing and distancing.

Most of these systems look at data from social media and then use sentiment analysis—which categorizes the emotions expressed in a text—to figure out whether a particular post is in favor or against a certain candidate.

Our brains, however, do much more than categorize what’s out there.

It’s unclear exactly how much the couple have truly invested, since the FPPC asks candidates only categorize and disclose investments by four dollar-amount ranges.

It’s also unclear whether categorizing patients by how much their interleukin 6 level is elevated might help identify patients who could benefit from the drug, she says.