Categorize [verb]

Definition of Categorize:

sort by type, classification

Synonyms of Categorize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Categorize:

Sentence/Example of Categorize:

It’s the largest asteroid in the solar system, so large that it’s categorized as a dwarf planet.

It’s been named and it’s been categorized, and they’re taking steps to prepare.

Human involvement is still crucial, of course, by rating categorizing the leads based on your criteria, you can train your data further.

This way all your keywords are categorized based on the groupings that align with your site categories.

Links that added value to content but couldn’t be vouched for were categorized as nofollow links.

Right now, you can go online and find multiple charts that will visually categorize what were once the activities of daily life by risk level.

So List and Suskind have been looking at scaling failures from the past and trying to categorize what went wrong.

I think you mentioned before that he had wanted to put you in a category, categorize you.

Is he what you would categorize as polite in his answers or not?