Categorized [verb]

Definition of Categorized:

sort by type, classification

Synonyms of Categorized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Categorized:

Sentence/Example of Categorized:

Currently, NBA play-by-play logs categorize reviews three different ways.

The labor board hired a contractor to help it categorize comments submitted in response to the new rule it had proposed.

This can be categorized by a list of articles, themes, keywords, formats or by the time of day.

Using a super-charged version of the Chrome browser, the AI views the raw pixels of a web page and uses image-recognition algorithms to categorize the page as one of 20 different types, including video, image, article, event, and discussion thread.

In August, the poll asked for the first time if respondents viewed the protests as “mostly peaceful” or “mostly violent”—48% responded with mostly peaceful, while 41% categorized the protests as mostly violent.

A wildfire is categorized as an emergency, meaning firefighters pull down hazard pay and can drive a bulldozer into a protected wilderness area where regulations typically prohibit mountain bikes.

Prior to their creation, paid links were categorized as nofollow links, which proved to be extremely misleading.

While using these tags is a great way to assiduously categorize your content, it’s not a big win for your rankings… or your link building partners.

Google has identified and categorized them as sites related to Venngage which is an insightful find.

He had inoculated him with the seeds of immortality, giving him a chance to help right the wrongs of this Categorized world.